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Did you know?
The number of landfills in Canada are decreasing while their size is increasing. In 1998, there were 8,000 landfills, but only 1,754 in 2007.
Did you know?
Between 95% and 99% of a mattress' components are reusable.
Did you know?
Matt-Canada has avoided 1,400 000 pounds of products that were destined to go to the dumping from going to a landfill.
Did you know?
A mattress requires more that 100 years to decompose completely when it is buried in the ground.

About Matt Canada

Canadian mattress recycling

Mattress recycling is easy, affordable and convenient! We can help your company recycle mattress, box springs and other furniture, fabrics and clothing, home appliances, metal, plastic, sofas, armchairs and more.

MattCanada is a Montreal, Canada based mattress recycling company which was founded following several years of research together with mattress manufacturers and retailers. Discarded mattresses and spring boxes have a huge negative impact on the environment. Once landfills were included into this research, we had the confirmation that we needed to find a solution to rectify the growing problem.

MattCanada opened its first recycling plant in 2004. Located in a small warehouse and with only two stores bringing their mattresses to be recycled, the Canadian mattress recycling market was born. Gradually, several more businesses learned about our indispensable services. MattCanada now serves over thirty clients from various sectors, some of which are national companies and many of which come from very different business segments such as: manufacturers, hotels, cities, universities and environmentally conscious citizens.

With the need for mattress recycling services in Canada growing, requests were coming from several different companies wanting to dispose of their products, significantly speeding up MattCanada’s growth. Currently, not only do we recycle mattresses and box springs, but we also recycle clothing and shoes as well as home appliances and sofas. MattCanada has now become the choice for many retail stores that need to dispose of product inventory that cannot be put up for sale in an environmentally friendly way.

Our eco-friendly clients


We invite you to visit these websites. They provide important information to anyone interested in recycling and the protection of the environement.

$10 to $15 per matress or boxspring

MattCanada has been determined from the beginning to keep its fees low. "To recycle successfully is to keep everyone motivated. Greener tomorrow sounds great, but being an environmentally friendly company should never put it under a financial strain. Recycling should make, among other things, financial sens”, - This is MattCanada's target.

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